Christy Towels @ Debenhams

Found 7th Jul 2008
I bought christy towels on line with Debenhams which were delivered on friday.
The labels state they are Debenhams towels, not christy as advertised.
I have phoned Debenhams this am to be told by a supervisor, they are not actually christy, and all he can think of is that Debenhams have taken over the range from christy??
Now is this possible, I didn't think you could sell stuff described as one make, and recieve something totally different. And be expected to lump it.
the items I bought are the "christy" Jazz towels.
Has anyone else bought these?
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No, I've not bought any but I agree with you. That cn't be right. I'd phone them again and tell them it' not good enough etc, etc..
Go straight back to customer services
I have spent over 30 minutes on the phone, was put through to a supervisor eventually, he didn't sound like
he knew what he was bumbling on about.
I have asked for the towels to be replaced with christy towels, to be then told he couldn't do that,
and I could just send them back for a refund? I did ask him to find out why he couldn't replace the towels,
so he said he would contact me by phone hopefully before 1pm today.
I doubt very much Debenhams has it's very own towel factory, as I doubt very much it has it's own:-
china, bedding, lighting,etc,etc,etc factory.
What I expected to get from Debenhams is exactly what they have advertised and charged me for.
If I wanted Debenhams towels (which by the way there is nothing wrong with) I would have ordered them in the first place?
But thanks for the advice mumbojumbo.
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