chrome book?

    Hi, my daughter wants a laptop for her 13th birthday. I've seen a few people mentioning chrome books. She would use it for general teenage things like social media, homework and music. Would you recommend a chrome book over a Windows laptop? And if so, which one? Thank you


    Windows is better for school

    Windows would be a complete laptop for anything she would need.


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    Try it. On pc use the chrome browser for everything. Google docs ect

    Chromebooks need a constant internet connection as everything is stored in the cloud due to such a small hard drive.....some as low as 16gb. Have a look on Your tube
    Have a look on Tesco ebay for Windows laptops but even some of these have small emmc hard drives.

    Tesco Outlet, 12 months warranty, I've had several refurb & all were brand new.…004

    My wife has had her Chromebook for well over 8 years and loves it.

    The only downside is that it is not capable of running iTunes (don't know if they have sorted it out nowadays).

    Also she is able to use it offline as well for her documents so don't need an Internet connection to work.
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