Posted 29th Dec 2022
Hi all Any Chromebook users ?

real world usage reviews

coming off an old 2014 MacBook Air

I’ll be using it for word and bits.
Nothing heavy


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    I bought one September 2021 and about a week later they removed the Microsoft apps. Pushes you to use a Web based version of word and other Microsoft apps. They are okay for simple things but lack lots of the functionality of the full desktop apps. Ruined it for me. The rest of the chromebook experience is good tho, just like a fast tablet with keyboard I've found.
    I had the same unfortunate experience bought in May 2021 and once apps office apps disappeared I couldn't get on with web based versions so bought a windows laptop shortly after for Microsoft 365
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    Really happy with my HP Chromebook. Originally bought it intending it to be a simple to use device to replace my mother's ageing Windows laptop but she didn't like it so I kept it myself and I've found I use it more often than my Windows machine now. I went for a model with touchscreen which is a huge bonus. The almost instant bootup time is amazing although to be fair it uses so little power on standby that I rarely completely power it off.

    I have used the PWA versions of Word/Excel and it's true they aren't as good as proper installed versions but they aren't bad for my usage, you may struggle if more of a power user.

    There are a few drawbacks... I have two not-very-current printers neither of which are supported. but you can hopefully pick something similar from the list of supported printers, if needed.

    Linux and Android support is good but I found those versions of Skype did not support webcam and I had to use the web version. but that did work OK.
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    Around 9hrs battery, never gets hot, silent, even watching youtube for hours not a sound from it. Shut the lid, leave it for a few days, open the lid, screen on and back to where I was in about 2 seconds. Would never go back to using a heavy hot laptop again.
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    Bought my chromebook just over a year ago on a good deal. I would choose another Asus or Lenovo. The whole architecture is very different from apple mac or windows. You are entering the google eco system. whatever you choose check-out the AUL - how long your model will be supported - look for 5 years. You can very easily incorporate Linux and its applications as well as android apps. With Linux you should install LibreOffice for all your WP needs plus spreadsheets, presentations etc. You will not look back
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    "I'll be using it for Word and bits"

    Nope. No Word. Though alternatives are available.

    Chromebooks are great for managed environments like schools, where you want everything locked down.

    Personally, I would otherwise always buy a Mac or Windows PC.

    As someone has pointed out, the fact that Chromebooks can't be updated after their expiration date (which is a fixed time after their release date, not your purchase date) means that they can quickly become e-waste unless you're careful about what model you buy.
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    Most new models are starting to get 7 or 8 years support - which is probably longer than most devices will last. And that would apply to most people's laptops of any OS - Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, ...

    One thing nobody ever seems to mention about Microsoft products is that they now provide PWA versions of their Office products, and Teams. Should work fairly well for most people if they really must use them.
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    I have a Chromebook, it works well as I use it mainly for surfing, Youtube and a few office docs via Google and it works fine for me.

    Battery life on my HP is about 8 hours.

    New Chromebooks have the option to install Linux distributions alongside the Chromium distribution.
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    Thanks all food for thought 

    in all fairness the heaviest thing it will do is basic word and the odd excel nothing major 
    I forgot to say, in order to try before you buy, you could install chrome flex onto a USB stick, boot it from your device and you will gain a good idea of the look and feel, if nothing else.
    Do your own research but these are 2 good starters…ex/…14/

    Oh and don't worry one little bit about your over reliance on MS products. Many of us were conditioned to use MS when there were few good alternatives. The world has moved on and you could try LibreOffice now for free on your Macbook. Other office suites are available. Many people are not aware that except in most extreme cases files created by MS Office can be read and edited by LibreOffice (and others) and vice-versa. Its called the Open Document Foundation - killed off MS unique file formats quite some years ago. (edited)
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    Last question. 
    Google docs. ?

    any good. And will they be ok to send into work 
    You can take a look and try it out, it is free for personal use and has up to 15gb of storage.…ut/
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