Chromecast and HDMI switcher help

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Found 23rd Dec 2014
Hi, need some advice if someone can help?

Originally, I had my Sky+ on HDMI port 1 on the tv, then in the last port, I had a HDMI switcher. Connected to that was my PS3 and PS4.

I bought a Chromecast and thought the best setup would be to have sky connected to the switcher and the Chromecast in the HDMI port on the tv. All was fine. however now, if my PS4 is downloading, it doesn't switch back to Sky so I can't watch sky until the PS4 is finished downloading!

I did think about having the Chromecast in the switcher but then I don't think the PS4 and PS3 would then auto switch as the Chromecast well always be on when the tv is powered on.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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Switch off CEC on your TV settings, and/or use a manual HDMI switch.. then YOU control what you see on your TV regardless of what's powered on.

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Thanks. Have put the Chromecast through the switcher instead, although the Chromecast is now technically on the carpet as the switcher is under my cabinet... that OK? Not a fire risk right as the Chromecast does get warm.
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