Chromecast audio amplifier & speakers

Found 1st Dec 2016

Similar questions asked before, but don't want to totally hijack another thread.

I've got a Chromecast audio recently, and have my eye on a second hand pair of Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 , but I'm not sure if they are suitable or not really

I'm just looking for a cheap amp for the time being, £20 ish, I have seen that this…ier


and other similar that are usually recommended on here.

Would something like that be suitable and powerful enough to drive those speakers?

another option, ive seen a small second hand Denon on ebay, no remote or speakers but that doesnt matter, but depends how bidding goes on that

I really don't need anything that loud, semi detached house and young children mean there is no chance of being able to play anything too loud, just wanted half decent quality (absolutely not an audiophile though!)

Or are the 9.1's total overkill for my low amp budget and requirement?

Could try to find Diamond 9's at richer sounds too, or something even smaller

Thanks in advance
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Just a little bump!

I know it's not been long but I need to decide pretty soon
buy the 9.1 as the 9.0s aren't so good. just buy a cheap but good 2nd hand amp off ebay.

Would a Denon UD-M31 or this…ier

Do a better job?
I would go with the denon as 22w rms per channel is good enough for general listening. you could get a home cinema cheap thought
Ok cheers will take a look
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