CHromecast Audio very quiet when listening via youtube?

Found 3rd Apr 2016

I have been a very happy user of chrome cast audio, up until now. I use chrome on my mac to cast youtube, or music via google play music web app (sometimes i cast from my phone). So far it was all good, despite initial issues, I was very happy with the chromecast.

But today, something weird happened. The music from youtube is very quiet despite being on full volume (before it was fine), but now even on full volume it is quieter than google play music app on like 10-15% volume. Same goes for my Nexus 5x, plays loud on barely any volume level.

I have tried restarting my mac, rebooting chrome and fiddling with chrome cast app on my phone, but didn't manage to troubleshoot anything. Its weird that it just happens on youtube, any ideas why that might be the case??

any help is much appreciated.
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Ok, never mind guys, found a solution here:!topic/chromecast/RHnSbTI9nU8

Apparently, it seems that google play music app (both phone app and web app in chrome browser) seem to control the inbuilt volume of chrome cast audio. It is weird as it can't be controlled by chromecast extension in top right corner (it just allows to mute). Anyway, I casted random song on my phone, put volume on max, stop casting, then cast from youtube and volume level is fine now! Hope that can help some with similar issues. Cheers
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