Chromecast or Roku stick for screen mirroring?

Found 1st Feb
Hi, I have ordered a Chromecast on the most recent Tesco deal. I don't have a smart TV, but do have Youview for iPlayer, ITV Player, 4OD and Netflix so I don't need to get those on my tv another way.

I just need something to get Youtube onto my tv, as there are some longer programmes related to a subject I'm studying on there and I need to watch them in the room where the TV is (long story). The second reason is that I have a subsciption to a service with films online that has no app, so if I could put the films on my TV that would be good. I have a desktop and an Amazon Fire tablet with Google Play loaded and that is all (no working laptop, unfortunately).

I assumed that Chromecast was the only way to do what I wanted, but now I'm reading that the Roku stick might work as well. Does anyone know more? I could return the Chromecast and get a Roku stick if that would be better.

Thanks for any help, I'm reading reviews and googling it but getting nowhere.
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They are both similar really only that that apps on your phone are what connects you to the Chromecast whereas the Roku stick has apps on it that you can access. Meaning that if you want to watch Youtube on your Chromcast you will need your phone or some device that has the Youtube app on it whereas the Roku stick already has the app on it and you don't need your phone.
Thanks. As the Screen mirroring is really critical for me to be able to watch the films that are playing in my browser on the tv, does anyone know if it would work between an Amazon Fire tablet and the tv with a Roku stick?
Just answering my own question, apparently both work if you have the Google Play store on your Amazon Fire tablet, but someone has posted that the Chromecast works better but didn't say why.
how about an amazon fire stick
ding7 m ago

how about an amazon fire stick

No Youtube, I think.
What Hi-fi reviewed both of them and said the Roku was slightly better. I've got the original Chromecast and it didn't work when I tried to cast BT sport very well at all so I gave up. Although I dusted it off last week and was casting Youtube without any issues, full screen too.
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