Chronicle are really scraping the barrel with this article....

    "Former Sunderland star Kevin Kyle works 12-hour shifts as storeman on ferry to provide for his family."

    What a bunch of patronising low life scum these reporters are.

    Basically what they are saying is it is OK to play football and earn thousands of pounds but it is not OK to be normal and work hard for your family, because if it was OK they would just let this fella get on with his life and stop plastering him all over the newspaper with total crap and invading his privacy.

    The lad is working hard, earning a few hundred quid a week doing an honest days work so he can provide for his family.

    Yet the Chronicle say "Amazing pictures of former Sunderland Star". What amazing pictures? A man sitting in the works canteen having a cuppa? WOW!

    This is really the lowest of the low. Who on earth commissioned this garbage to go to print?



    Someone in England is working.

    That's pretty amazing..

    As no doubt "everybody" is already aware; Geoffrey Hayes, from "Rainbow" ("Softly Softly: Task Force", & "Z-Cars", amongst other TV acting work), is now a taxi driver by way of stacking shelves at Sainsbury's supermarket.

    However, "The Northern Echo" felt the need to remind us all recently:

    […es/ ]


    I agree with you OP

    The press are gloating on 'his fall' but we know what the press are like. Fair play to the fella, earning a decent living for his family, should be applauded not ridiculed.

    Not bad money for a Trolley Dolly . £400.00 a week.



    A Scot working is even more amazing

    Ouch! Right in the sporran!

    With you 100% OP the level of so called journalism in this country is an utter disgrace

    Much more respectable than being a footballer.

    Overpaid tossers.


    Much more respectable than being a footballer.Overpaid tossers.

    unless they are female footballers


    unless they are female footballers

    Or pretty much any female sportswoman

    And this is why newspaper sales are plummeting. Stick VAT on them and finish them off.

    hooray henry

    And this is why newspaper sales are plummeting. Stick VAT on them and … And this is why newspaper sales are plummeting. Stick VAT on them and finish them off.

    I can tell you what is happening outside of my window so can billions of other people why would we need to go to the corner shop and buy a piece of paper or indeed pay to get past a "paywall"
    got a young family outside the chippy by the way

    i love these stories of how too much money left a guy in the dumps! lets hear more of them please - cheers me up!
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