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Monkey loves trains, and Chuggington has been a favourite TV series in this house for a long time. With our cat being called Brewster it doesn’t take much to guess who Monkey’s favourite Chugger is does it. We recently received the new Chuggington DVD to review – Chuggineers Ready to Build.

The Chuggineers Ready to Build DVD features Chuggineers: Ready to build, along with 4 episodes from the series – Brewster Makes Tracks, Back Up Brewster, Outward Bound Olwin and Fault Finder Emery as well as a music video and character sneak peeks for some of the newer characters – Tyne, Fletch and Cormac. There’s even a poster featuring characters old and new from the Chuggington series.

In the feature we follow Brewster, a Trainee Chuggineer (yes he’s growing up, just like our cat Brewster!) as he watches Zach and Fletch construct a bridge to reach the tunnel which will connect Chuggington to Tootington. Monkey loved this feature, especially as he could see the Mega Chug Crane and Brewster bridge from his Chuggington Train set! Then there’s Tyne and her Tunnel boring machine – the boy has been in heaven.

We have now both learnt the ‘We are the Chuggineers’ song – the things I do for my son! Monkey’s quite taken with Payce, a member of the Speed Fleet, a team that Koko aspires to join.

So will the tunnel be finished in time? With the team from Chugginton, you can count on it.

As always, the Chuggineers Ready to Build DVD teaches children all about patience, team work and about being careful and listening. All valuable lessons for a very nearly 5 year old to learn. The DVD runs for just over an hour and is available from all the normal retailers for £7.99 (see my affiliate link for Amazon below).

This is a great addition to the Chuggington DVD series and Monkey loves it. The Chuggineers Ready to Build DVD would be a great addition to any Christmas stocking this year.

disclaimer: we were sent this DVD in exchange for an honest review.

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