ciao Surveys

    Has anyone else signed up to their surveys? ( )

    I have reached the threshold to get a payment from them, but I am suspicious of their website's requests for information. They are asking for full bank details, and my full address. The page isn't a secure https connection either.

    All the above sounds so dodgy, but before this I've had no suspicions about them at all.

    Has anyone had +ve or -ve dealing with this site?

    Thanks, Steve


    I've used Ciao before, I chose to receive Amazon vouchers, and had a few £5 codes which worked fine.

    Never set it up with Bank account details though.

    Someone mind telling me a bit more about ciao?

    Had a quick look but it doesnt seem to say how much work you need to put in to get paid etc...

    I have an account with these and I gave them my bank details, I think you have to earn £5 first, thats the minimum you can cash, I might be wrong .

    Anyway they make payouts at the end of every month (if you request one) so even if you request your pay out at the start or middle of the month you won't receive it until their payout day.

    gary-rip I haven't used them much I know a lot of people do reviews and that but I was told that people can be very rude about your reviews and put you down a lot so not to bother. basically what i did was sign up and get paid for doing a few surveys .

    I only did the surveys. Can work out at £1 for 10 minutes or therabouts.

    But I found you could do the surveys quicker than the time they specify most of the time.

    Lightspeed seems to be better for me you do surverys for points and they add up really quick i've had a few vouchers of these for pizza hut n brewers fayre ect but they seemed to have changed their rewards so i opted for £10 Amazon e-voucher this time still good for what you have to do.

    i agree about lightspeed, i posted info about them a while back, the points add up quite quickly

    I got my first ciao payment (£6 bank transfer) at the start of this month, no problemos and I know lots of other people who have used them for years also

    Original Poster

    Thanks for your feedback everyone, it seems I was just being cautious. Better safe than sorry...

    I too only do the online surveys, I've never submitted a review online.

    I'll check out Lightspeed - thanks.


    I've had a few payouts from Ciao, all arrived without a problem. If you do reviews aswell as surveys I find the money builds up much quicker (well if they're good reviews, hehe).
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