cigarette to 3 pin plug?

Found 8th Apr 2010
Hi All,

Im after a cigarette socket converter intoa 3 pin plug. Basicly I want to charge up my sat-nav, but only comes with a car charger and no 3 pin plug adaptor. Any ideas if theres a name for it? Tryed searching on ebay but cant seem to find any.

Any help would be great



whats the connection type for the sat nav? might be able to use a usb to charge?

Why not just use a USB?

dealextreme to lighter splitters with a usb hole on too.. and £land to splitters into 3, if that helps

maybe this would help

you could do usb but if you want a plug socket you need a power inverter eg ]http//ww…htm

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Thanks guys for all the replys.

nick1austin thats exatcly what im after - cheers

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Everyone repped
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