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Cigarettes abroad

Posted 14th Sep 2006
[LEFT]My hubby smokes a lot and we normally holiday to Portugal and pick up loads of ciggies whilst out there but we're not due to go back for a while and we are running out.

Can't find any really cheap flights to Portugal that have another flight that returns same day.

So my question is what is the price of 200 ciggies in other EU countries?

Looking for prices in France, Germany, Belguim, Holland, Spain or anywhere else budget airlines fly to.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I went to France last month just to buy Duty Free
200 B&H cost £30.

If you PM me I'll give you the name of a company that will post them to you from Greece
I went Trinindad and Tobago and a brick of 200 was £8...... crazy!

I went Trinindad and Tobago and a brick of 200 was £8...... crazy!

Yeah. I work in West Africa from time to time, and they're the same price there. All the big brands too.

Fortunately for me, I don't smoke, so I can make a nice little earner out of those who do!

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You could get a return easyJet flight to Amsterdam for £47 and either spend the day or just a couple of hours at the airport (they have 4 flights a day)... At the airport this week, B&H were £28/200 for EU flyers.
you can get an easyjet to malaga, and then go to gibraltar for the day, takes an hour or 2. and in gibralter they are £8 for 200 B&H british cigs, without the foreign warnings on the outside, and then there is bottle of smirnoff vodka (1lr) for £4.50.

so you can get loads of booze dirt cheap too.

apart from that its really nice day out too og and see some monkeys. if you do go, park in spain and walk in or get the bus or a bike anything but drive.

but maybe if you go in winter it wont be very busy so you might be alright driving.
I think you will find that Spain is cheapest, then Belgium, out of the countries you mentioned. France is almost as dear as England now.
yes, spain is cheap
belgium is about £27 for 200 b+h
luxembourg about £23 for same
I am off to Malaga tomorrow :-D

Yep I pick up 16 boxes of 200 (legal EU allowance) for £18 per box (Regal & B&H) at the local tobacconists in Estapona. Gibraltar is very cheap (£8 per 200) but you can only bring 200 out of the boarder and they turn your car inside out!

well i brought 2000 cigs out of gibraltar and loads of booze, didnt even know!
Tenerife and benidorm are cheap as well, tenerife is about £12 per box of 200 whilst benidorm is about £19.
Thanks everyone for replies.

Getting conflicting advice about France though some saying cheap - £30 for 200 is still a lot cheaper than UK - any saving would be good.

I'm in Glasgow so limited to where I can fly to - Amesterdam would be good but again can't get in/out same day.

Have managed to find a Ryanair flight to Paris (Beauvais) for only £26 return that would take me out, give me enough time to buy ciggies and check back in.(3 hrs between flights).

Might look at spain though as it's sounding cheaper.

Thanks for all your help!:thumbsup:
Where i am there are loads of Eastern Europeans living here and if you go to the polish shop in the middle of town they sell malboro lights for £30 for 200.
Be careful what you say on this thread as I know of one member who is a senior customs officer...maybe it's me!!! LOL
Be careful with the company from Greece as customs recently impounded my order of cigs!!! The company itself no probs with, alwats got sovereign b+h for roughly 2.75 per pack delivered to my door!
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