Cineworld Unlimited Card (* no referrals pls)

Found 25th Apr 2018
Hi everyone!! There is a epic selection of movies this year, and I was looking at signing up for Cineworld Unlimited.
As you do, I came here to see if theres any voucher codes or discounts for this subscription. Much to my amazement, theres nothing here for this!!!

Does anyone here have any Voucher Codes or guidance toward some discount I could possibly get for a Cineworld Unlimited card? (Other then having a friend recommend me for 1 month free!)

Many thanks in advance HUKD'ers!
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Using KidsPass can provide 40% off an unlimited card membership for a year…861

I usually do this every year, I haven't looked into it as of now as to whether you can still claim but I have not heard they've stopped it yet
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I was given a 10% discount voucher to on the Cineworld unlimited pass when i went to Cineworld in Crawley few weeks ago. Might be worth asking at your local Cineworld
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