Cineworld - when do they release the listings?

Found 26th Nov 2017
So I have 2 wuntu cineworld codes and was planning on using them to book a film in advance.
however whenever I check the website there are no listings further than 30/11 (been looking daily since Wednesday). I'm quite miffed as to why there isn't more listings available further on as it's only 5 days showing now.

my mum is taking my two children to the cinema on December 6th and as it's only a week and a half away I assumed that I would be able to book now and use the codes.

will I have any better luck if I go into the cinema to book, or can I say book a ticket for say 30/11 but then cancel it later and swap it for another date
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Tickets are release Monday or Tuesday each week and only go up to the timeline you mentioned that one will have been from last Monday or Tuesday. The date is down to the cinema itself. Cineworld are one of the best as odeon is even later. You can book some shows further out depending on the date it is released on the what’s on tab but times there are limited.

You cant normally book longer out in the cinema itself.
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