Circulation Booster

    Am trying to find the cheapest deal on a "circulation booster".

    Thought it might help my diabetic hubby -plus nice bit of electro-reflexology for me ;-)

    Have heard we can get a discount cos of the diabetes.....but still trying to find a nice deal :-)

    Thankyou in advance for any feedback !


    I hate that advert "My dear old mum used to come round for a cup of tea, now she comes round to use my circulation booster"!! Her mum must be about 120, going off the look of the woman in the advert.

    Original Poster

    I know.......winds me up too! Nearly putting me off getting one.

    I hasten to add I am under 120 !!

    Are you sure a diabetic should use this?
    I would check with diabetic nurse or Doctor. I bet a nice walk would have the same effect and do your husband a lot more good.
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