Circus Fancy Costume HELP need Ideas

    Hi All,

    I really really need your help...

    Have a fancy dress party to go to and its Circus themed. Do not really want to go as a clown. Any ideas ???



    What about a ring master??

    juggler, ring master, acrobat....erm can't think of anything else sorry.

    circus tent lol

    We did the "Strong Man", yellow tights, pumps, leotard with leopard sash/skirt thing, head /sweat band, droopy moustach and made the weights with a broomhandle/silver paper and flour filled balloons on the end, was fun! Oh and stuffed rolled up socks in the sleeves for muscles.

    How about a pink poodle with a ring of fire - or how about a circus freak???? just an idea lol

    Original Poster

    thanks for these ideas.. they are great.

    What would be a circus freak ??
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