Cisco UC520 & Vonage

Found 3rd Dec 2009
Ok, massive help needed here. I know pretty much NOTHING about Cisco. I can work my way around the GUI well enough but the command side I'm very limited on.

Just a quick bit of background....Basically we have a Cisco UC520 which has 2 FXO ports at the back. This has already been set up and working with 1 vonage line which they dial "5" to use. They now want to add another vonage line to the 2nd FXO port. I have searched through CCA and you can barely do anything with the FXO side of things.

There is nothing in the dial plan in the gui referring to having to dial a "5" to get to the Vonage line. Does ANYONE know how to do this? If I can see how the existing Vonage line is set up then I might be able to work out how to do the 2nd line.

Anyone....please! :o)

Rep given to anyone who can help!
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