Citizen Watch Battery

    £51.00 for a new battery can you do better

    I have just called Citizen whos workshop is five minutes from my house to get a new battery fitted. Easy eh? Well as the high st tell me they cant do i have to take it to citizen but they wont let me drop off and pick up so theres extra costs of about £15.00
    The total charge they want is £45.00 plus special delivery by me of about £7.00 - Thats £51.00 OUCH!!

    I have had work done before and to be honest its now costing more than was paid for it. But its sentimental value. Does anyone know where i can get it done for cheaper?


    have you tried a different jewellers?

    Can you not do it yourself with battery from £1 shop.

    £45 + £7 = £51? :?

    Hi i have a gucci watch and paid in regent st to have the batt replaced cost me £35 .00 then a friend said to have one of hers from the £1 shop i said it wont be the same but believe me i tried its the very same

    whats yr number or size need as she has many and i can see on monday if she has one that fits yrs
    llok at the back of yr batt it should say on the back also if not try Maplin…rue…470

    Lithium manganese cells with a nominal voltage of 3V
    For use where very low quiescent currents need to be maintained for very long periods with only occasional demands for high current drain
    Unsure what battery you are looking for? Try looking at the Lithium battery cross reference chart on this product page

    Lithium manganese cells all having a nominal voltage of 3V. Suitable for use where very low quiescent currents need to be maintained for very long periods, with only occasional demands for high current drain.

    SpecificationType Dimensions (mm) Nominal Capacity dia. x height voltage max. (mAh)
    CR1220 12.5 x 2 3V 38
    CR1616 16 x 1.6 3V 42
    CR1620 16 x 2.0 3V 60
    CR2016 20 x 1.6 3V 72
    CR2025 20 x 2.5 3V 160
    CR2032 20 x 3.2 3V 220
    CR2430 24.5 x 3 3V 280
    CR2450 24 x 3.0 3V -

    i dont think its the cost/availabilty of the battery thats the issue?
    its probably taking the watch apart to fit it?

    i used to have a storm watch which many places wouldn't replace the battery because they didn't want to be responsible to cracking the screen.

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    I have never had so many replies

    The cost of battery is negligible - i have other watches and do myself for less than a pound.
    I have tried several high st jewelers and a few market stalls.

    They all say its taking apart is the problem.

    Sorry not good at maths Total is around £50.00 though.

    Think i may have found somewhere on intranet but not local - hoping guildford or berkshire reading etc. Still £30.00 if i send off though.

    Thanks for all the mails - very encouraging.

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    any more ideas out there
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