citizens advice bureau volunteer interview tomorrow

Found 15th Jun 2009
Ive got the interview tomorrow and even though it is voluntary i am still nervous. One member has given me some great info on the process but i was wondering if anyone else has done this and can put across their experiences.

Im looking forward to it and I hope i get the job just for the experience which could hopefully lead onto something else!
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just remember to turn up in a blood soaked apron, they like that apparently :thumbsup:
I've done volunteer work before. Just go in, be open and friendly and happy to take on the training they offer you.

And how fab are you to give your time for this. Thank you on behalf of everyone you'll be doing stuff for x x

I am out of work at the moment hence why i am doing it and i need the experience and something to do during the days and as i said hopefully it will lead onto something else.
well i start 10 am friday and the interview was really laid back although i was really nervous, asked about confidentiality, if i was judgemental, if i would discriminate against people.

they were really nice people. I think im going to train up as an advisor so i dont know what to expect but it gives me something to do and who knows it could lead onto something!
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