Citroen c1 clutch bite point

Posted 18th Jul 2017
Anybody else own one of these just got one As a first car for a family member and noticed after driving 2 that it has such a high bite point,and revs it’s tits of from launch is it Normal for one of these 60 plate 36k miles cheers
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I know the earlier ones have a manual clutch adjustment under the bonnet.…cjY
Citroens usually have high bite point (from my personal experience)
I had the older style C1 55 plate and the biting point was hardly non existent. You had to rev its b******s off to get it going, otherwise it'd stall. It used to wind me up how rough it sounded.
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My daughter has a Peugeot 107 which is basically the same and her clutch has always been high and the clutch is about a year old as we have receipts but the previous owner said it was always like that so maybe yeah...
I had a 2010 Citroen C1 it did have a very high bite point, whenever my dad took it for a drive i noticed he revved it loads. I think it just takes time to get used to it.
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