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    Hi, im currently studying electronic engineering. I like it but when i signed up to the course it made out that there would be a lot more electrical aspects of it but that turned out false. So, as i want to be an electrician rather than a elec eng, i was thinking of taking the C+G 2330 course in a years time.

    Has anyone done this course and is it worth doing to learn on how to be an electrician.



    I have just finished the first part of this 3 (ish) year course at Suffolk College, it's pretty good, but as I am doing it part time it is only one day a week, so the practicle lessons are a little short.
    It is a great trade to be in, I done most of the training several years ago, but as I never finished it and spent 4 years in Ibiza I decided to start from the beggining again, will take a while but will ultimately be worth it, stick to it mate


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    Cheers, thing is i cant find any apprenticeships in norwich atm so im not sure if i should enroll in this course or just keep looking for apprenticeships. Good luck in your course

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    bump please!

    With all due respect, you do not need a degree in electronic engineering to be an electrician which is far more of a vocational position. Can you not change to electrical engineering? I would still say it is overkill and more meant for the R&D and major design/installations rather than being an electrician. Financially, you might find it better not to complete the course.

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    hmm yeah thats a good point, i have found out that it has a c&g 2391 which is inspection and testing. so i may just continue until that then if thats not good enough i will quit and find a electricians course, thanks!
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