City Link Couriers!

    Rant of the Day;

    My cousin is returning abroad on Sunday so I bought him a going away gift from Ebuyer. Ordered on Thursday eve and paid for next day delivery.

    Spent the whole day Friday at home waiting for the delivery from City Link. I checked on line and saw they would deliver by 5.30pm.

    Having recieved no delivery, at 5pm I called the local depot asking the whereabouts of the package. I was told by an irrate sounding woman that the delivery was attempted at 2pm and nobody had been at home, and that a card had been put through the door. I rejected this telling her I had been home all day waiting for the parcel, and with kids being out I would have known if anyone was ringing the door bell. Also the fact that no card was visible on the doormat meant he obviously did not come to my house.

    I asked her when it would be delivered next she said on Monday as the next day service I had was a mon- fri one so they wouldn't come on Saturday. I demanded to speak to the supervisor as the delivery had been missed due to driver error. After listening to my fuming the supervisor agreed to have it sent out on Saturday (today) before 12pm. At 11.30am realising nothing had been delivered I again contacted City Link to be told the parcel was still lying in the depot for delivery on Monday! Apparently the driver didn't know it was to be delivered today. I've now been promised a Monday delivery. I told him I'd come down and pick it from the depot 15 miles away, but was told that they close in 15 minutes at 12pm.
    The supervisor would still not accept that his driver had made a delivery error on Friday, telling me it was my word against his. What an attitude! Why would I be lying, if I've missed a delivery due to my own negligence so what, why would I need to lie about it? This company is unwilling to accept it has been incompetent in delivering the parcel. Also strangely their live website did not register a card being put through any door until after I called them on 6.00pm Friday!

    Needless to say my cousing fies out tomorrow without the gift I had bought for him thanks to a string of cockups by City Link.

    City Link have apologised and said I should take any complaints up with Ebuyer!!

    I'm totally miffed off and feel powerless at the hassle this incompetent outfit have caused me.



    Probably best to have ordered it earlier?

    i would ring them and ask for a complaints address and write them to regarding the matter also regarding the attitude of the people you spoke to. Why ring ebuyer as the issue is with them?

    Not always possible but when I can I avoid City Link for any delivery.
    Either late, banged up or both in my experience.

    ring ebuyer they are very helpful im sure they will sort something out.

    never had a problem with city link...they deliver at about 7.30am in my area,the driver is cheerful as well

    City link are known for being bad at deliveries. Have had non-delivery more than once despite me not only being in but my cctv recording no-one coming to my door. City Link claim to have carded - must have VERY long arms that all I'll say. In the past I have had empty boxes delivered as the 'kind' people of City Link had more need of my item than me, 2 MP3 players were dumped in my dustbin last week and the kind delivery guy signed for them himself to save me the trouble - shame the dustbin men came that day!!

    No wonder they're known at Shi*ttyLink!!!
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