City Link - Is it just me?

    Yet again City link have failed to deliver to my house. Their website reports that an "unsuccessful delivery attempt." was made. How can this be when someone was home all day and no card was left. This is now about the 8th time this has happend. Every other carrier has no problem finding the house.


    City Link are supposedly terrible, although i rarely have problems with them through ebuyer, and ebuyer say they are the best of a bad bunch

    I've never had a problem with city link. It seems you are near the end of the delivery route

    I have had this problem a few times with city-link, you should give them a call tomorrow to make sure it will arrive!

    I've not had problems with them.

    $hitty link - I've moaned enough on here about them to resist this time - **** - enough said.

    its a common problem with city link, they CLAIM to have attempted delivery if so why do many people say there was no card left lol, i,ve had a few problems like that but in the end a phone call and a rearranged delivery sorts it. just wish the drivers were honest n more important Leave a card when they claim they have done

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    I have put the problem back to EBuyer (where I ordered the goods from). It annoys me that you pay for the delivery and when it fails you always end up having to sort it out. They are contracting these people to provide a service, therefore it is their responsibility to sort it out.

    suggestion to get the airship balloon (DELIVER HERE) so they absolutely cant miss it!

    Have had numerous problems with city link, ordered some single malt for my brother and it never turned up, luckily the company agreed to send another but this went missing, the driver then went off with stress....(my ar*e)

    Another delivery got lost at the depot, turned up a month later but luckily had a refund but someone had used the piece of equipment........

    yep i made a thread about them last time when they tried apparently tried to deliver but i was home all day. not even a card was left. in fact the tracker said they tried to deliver twice.
    but the other day i ordered from ebuyer and the delivery came at 8am and yes they knocked this time.

    it really depends on what area your in, theyre great for me 99% of the time

    it's most definitely not you, i i posted a thread a couple of weeks back here:…ng/

    I used to have that problem, they said they tried to deliver when I or my staff were actually in but they said we were closed. I created a stink with the supplier and said i would prefer Roal mail to deliver. They then got the regional manager to ring me and ever since........ brilliant service. You've got to complain. :thumbsup:

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    Just phoned EBuyer who gave me a free Saturday morning delivery upgrade, otherwise I would not recieve the order until Tuesday. So I will see what tomorrow brings.

    good luck!

    I've cancelled a few online orders when the order confirmation comes through showing that the goods are going to be delivered by City Link - it's just not worth the hassle.

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