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    Please if anyone can help I got a parking ticket for parking in a incorrect zone think it must have been for staff I displayed a ticket I sent a letter with photocopy of my ticket recorded delivery to say I had displayed a ticket and didn't know it was for staff parking and now I have received a letter to say I have to pay £110 otherwise bailiff will come or if taken to court I have to pay the costs I never received a letter to say if my letter was received by then what shall I do I'm panicking thank you in advance


    Does it actually say baillifs will come out? Bailiffs will not come out if the ticket was not issued by your local council. What are the words exactly that says a bailiff will come out ?

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    The number provided takes to to the payment line and I can't get through to speak to anyone

    Cover your personal details and share the letter so you can get the best advice

    What company are they from?

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    Civil enforcement


    Civil enforcement

    Whats their company address? Is it this one?…tml

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    Just ring up the hospital and tell them that you paid for a ticket (show them proof). Mention that they are threatening you with bailiffs and not replying to any correspondence. Otherwise use POPLA.

    first write the name of the company the most ticket you can put to the bin only local council has power to sent the bailiff to your home . cost for legal action against you person is much higher and not worth for LTD company .
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    I will ring the hospital thank you

    Trying to use scare tactics. Don't be scared of these goons trying to bully people who don't know how to fight back in these situations. They are trying to scare you into paying quickly. Appeal it, especially if you have paid already paid.

    Bin it, they won't do a thing.

    Merry Christmas.

    Read threads on money saving expert forums. In most cases they will keep bugging you with letters saying that they may take you to court
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    Set fire to the letter, record it and say that this is what you'll be doing to all letters you receive. email it to them. forget it. They don't have the power to follow through with their threats.

    I have a similar situation with ukpcs...... I parked in a disabled bay in a retail park and forgot to display my blue badge..... Appealed with copies of my badge receipts etc and they are still demanding and threatening further action even though I contacted the management of the retail park and have an email from 4 months ago saying that they would instruct ukpcs to cancel the charge with immediate effect. Had a letter off them a couple of days ago so rang and told them to take me to court if they wanted to waste more of their time and money. They just harass people in the hope that the scare tactics work.

    As some have already stated do some reading on MSE and parking cowboys. Most of these companies do not comply with relevant legislation this rendering their 'tickets' invalid. They rely on bullying tactics threatening more costs and court action when very rarely do they take it this far and when they do they are often defeated. Do respond to their letters with robust replies but dont pay them. Ive just been given my 4th court date from the same company yet the previous 3 they have withdrawn their claims!! Just waiting for the same thing to happen with this 4th one now

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    Whats their company address? Is it this … Whats their company address? Is it this one?

    Yes it is

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    Thank you all for your replies

    In the past it was wise just to ignore them, Never respond, Now it's slightly changed as they do on very rare occasions take people to the small claims court. If you ignore then 99.9% of the time they will eventually give up, They rely on scare tactics.

    There name says it all "Civil Enforcement", Lol. The bailiffs they threaten you with are part of the same company and they won't come out and if they did they don't have the same powers as a Court issued bailiff.

    Truth be told if you didn't pay you could end up with a CCJ with court costs to pay as well.

    It's a bit like roulette but the odds are in your favour, Lands on red/black you're fine but if it lands on 0 you're screwed.
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