Civil Penalty Notice (Parking)

    Anyone ever got one of these? Are they enforcable? Should I pay the fine?

    Got one of these today @ the Metrocentre for parking on a double yellow (nowhere else to park). Stuck on my windscreen by some Scottish Company called Town and City Parking Ltd.

    Any experiences? Or alternatively anyone got any good excuses to escape the fine?


    - acecatcher3


    Do the company own the car park? If so you havent got much choice except in a few cases, usually related to disabled status. (my dad once parked in a disabled bay (well my mum did) when the car park was a private, staples owned car park and he had a severely broken foot and couldnt walk up the steep slope. parking attendnat watched him get out and waited till he was in the store.. even that took some arguing.

    If their asking you to pay them however and its a public road contact the police and report it as a scam. To me it would appear like blackmail - i.e pay us or we'll report you for parking on a double yellow.

    your only other defense is mitigating circumstances. i.e your diabetic and hnad no choice but to park and go and get food. if its offical, pay the fine... usually only about £40 and cheaper than court costs.

    Original Poster

    the company doesn't own the car's a huge shopping centre in N.E.England owned by some huge investment's definitely not a public road.

    That diabetic story sounds good..tell me more..

    It sounds like they have sub contracted the parking to tis company. Lots of places do this now and stick signs up saying they will charge for parking for more then a couple of hours. In effect you parked on their property without permission (eg double yellow don't park here). I would contact the customer service desk of the metro and ask them if this company is in charge of their parking , if so you have little choice but to pay up.

    'fraid u should pay if you want to avoid a hefty increase when they start sending reminders


    Maybe you should just pay up, it's not like you didn't know you shouldn't park there :roll:


    could you have been possibly dropping a disabled person off or attempting to pick one up but you plainly forgot to display their permit clearly enough for all to see (or it fell down for some reason)?

    Thats potentially legal enough to argue...

    now see if you can find a disabled person who wants a beer or few... :shock:

    I agree with Slinks, pay up before they charge more.

    After all, you were parked on a double yellow. The law is the law + even disabled badge holders can't park on all yellow lines.

    A Blue Badge covers most disabled parking, but if in a dangerous place, anyone can be prosecuted.

    Also, looking online it appears the company comes under the Council's officialdom rather than the Police.

    If the company are appointed by the local authority to issue parking tickets, they are legally enforcing the law.

    If you look here: MAYBE APPEAL

    If you want to challenge it, you might find enough information there.
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