ck one..........any good?

    Hi looking for some aftershave for my teenage son and was wondering what ck one is like.
    Is it suitable for a teen, i it popular and how does it smell

    Any help and advice appreciated.


    Not sure about Ck but my lad loves this stuff, come to think of it I quite like it meself…al/

    CK1 smells nice but sorry couldnt really discr4ibe what it smells like thou,all I can say is I like it and even my ex use to wear it at times so its pretty unisex.

    Yes it is a unisex aftershave/perfume.
    It is quite old now so i think maybe the Lacoste one might be better.

    depends if hes a very fashion conscious kid? if not the ck1 is a nice scent. Its just not the latest. I dont think my teen would want lacoste.

    Very summery and "citrousy". I think most teens would like this

    Ck one's ok, there's variants of it aorund like ck one summer etc. Personally prefer Hugo Boss aftershaves myself. Best thing to do it go into one of those perfume shop places and smell them yourslef, you'll get a better idea that way...


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    thanks all for advice.
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