Claim back ££££££££ - hundreds if not thousands

    Not sure if this is the correct place for this.....

    Most of us have bank accounts and credit cards and have probably been charged at some point for going over their limit or being overdrawn etc.

    Basically any charge your bank levies on you is deemed unlawful and can be claimed back.

    This has been in the news and on watchdog recently and you are entitled to claim back all charges on your account for the last 6 years.


    The above sites forum has all the info and letter templates needed to do this.

    You could possible be owed hundreds if not thousands in some cases.


    I think it's worth mentioning - also, if you have an endowment that you think may have been mis-sold, or if you don't know - query it today - I know my wife's endowments are just 7 days from their statute of limitations on complaints....

    Just thought I'd bump this up, I'm claiming back charges from my bank at the moment. This site is great! Here's a link to it again ]http//ww…uk/

    Also worth looking at with step-by-step instructions: ]http//ww…632,

    Even if you have never thought about this, give it a go - you will get back your money!:)

    Just reading some older posts

    Regarding the bank charges, did anyone ever get them back?

    one of the people I work with has got over £1700 from one financial institution.

    They have now sent letters off to everybody else that have charged them and none so far have automatically declined their claim. All looking into the matter.

    Well, I have started off my proceedings!

    Will keep you all posted on how I get one.....:thumbsup:

    Is this true or a wind up ??

    Id love this to be 100% true ??

    Is there anything people can do with the banks ?
    I think its absolutely disgusting the way banks can charge for going overdrawn,
    just last week i forgot about a direct debit with tesco car insurance they took out £33.45 and put me £6 odd in debt with the bank
    couple of days later i got a letter from the bank saying because of this they were going to charge me £39.00 for being overdrawn.:x :x
    Sod that i said and immediatly phoned them up to plead, i got it overturned but only because my account had been good for the past 2 years.

    How on earth can they justify £39 ???????
    watchdog should really look into this, no wonder banks are always claiming profits of millions every year.
    my bank is Bank of scotland has anyone else had charges ? how much ?
    whats bank are you with ??

    does anyone work in a bank and can tell us what this money covers ?

    i cant get an overdraft as this is the type of card i have (visa electron)

    It's not a wind up of any kind, it's 100% legit.

    If you look on the Consumer Action Group website, you can read all the success stories!
    I haven't come across one that haven't won!

    Anyway, its something to do with the OFT saying thats its unlawful to charge extreme amounts for bank charges. It doesn't cost a bank £39 to send you a letter saying you are going to be charged. Simple as!

    Basically, you write a letter to the bank asking for all the statements you have had with them.
    You will have to send of £10 for this, some banks take this or return it to you. They then have 40 days to send you the info. Once you get the statements, you add up all the charges they have given you for the past 6 years. You then write of to them again saying you want them all back. They will send you a letter back saying they wont refund, but if you wait they will eventually reimburse you fully!

    On the CAG website, there is letter templates for you to use and a step by step guide on what to do.

    I personally think its worth it! I have sent my 1st letter off, which they have recieved, have now just got to wait for the statements to come through then add up all the charges.

    Would be a great xmas prezzy if I get the money before xmas!!!
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