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    Hi i am just about to write to my bank(lloyds) been a customer for about 20 years.
    In that time i have had quite a few loans especially in the beginning where i remember being told by the bank adviser that unless i took the loan with the insurance then it would not get approved.So being desperate at the time i took the insurance.
    What i was after has anyone on here successfully claimed and what did you write to the bank to get a list of loans.Any helpful information welcomed.I know theres a template on the MSE website is it best just using that.



    Use the template.

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    magicjay did you use the template if you did how did you get on?



    magicjay did you use the template if you did how did you get on?

    I havent ever had to use the template but that is your best bet as there are many threads on that site.

    My husband has just done this with Lloyds. He just rang them, registered the complaint, got a letter 2 days later to say they would look into it, then the next day a letter to say his complaint would be 'honoured' and the PPI money refunded, just waiting for it to come into our account now

    i had a loan with northen rock back in 2001'ish & took out the PPI. can it be back dated that far? And I deffo know I dont have any paperwork relating to the loan anymore, is there anything I can do??

    I thought you could only go back 6 years.
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