Claiming benifits after leaving uni

    I have left uni after finding out it wasnt for me, how long do I have to wait before I can start claiming benifits while I look for a job ?



    Get ready for the insults

    There's no minimum wait, but you have to be 'job seeking'

    Should be a good thread...

    Leeds fan - University.

    It was never going to work, was it?

    Ok, I'll start the ball rolling......
    Oh, damn. I can't think of anything to say

    OP, may i ask how long it was before you realised uni wasnt for you?

    u can start straight away is the answer i believe and you will get a wholesome 40 odd pounds a week, i did it till i got a job, you can only not claim if you turn down work or for 6 weeks after leaving a job..... but that might be slightly more now



    OP, may i ask how long it was before you realised uni wasnt for you?

    Probably got kicked out when they realised he couldn't spell benefits. Is it wrong to expect a university student to be able to spell?

    You can claim immediately, but you will need to provide evidence that you have left your course and are not taking a gap year. I used to working as a signer.
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