Posted 2nd Jan 2023
Hi All, posted an item by special delivery 19th Dec daytime and got there 22nd Dec, am I entitled to claim for a refund of postage as it is meant to be deilvered by next working day at 1pm? I understand there were delays with royal mail at this time but want to know if I can still claim.

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    I’d just be grateful that the item got delivered within a couple of days given the mess that RM was in during December!
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    No you can't. Royal mail suspended the guarantee while the strikes are ongoing.
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    Can I claim a refund of my Special Delivery fee if it’s delivered late?

    We will continue to accept, prioritise and deliver as many Special Delivery items on days of strike action as our resources allow. We cannot guarantee delivery by 9am or 1pm next day for items posted on Wednesday 23 November up to and including 3 December 2022 and items posted from Thursday 8 December 2022 until 27 December 2022.

    We will suspend the delivery guarantee for these specified periods. Customers cannot claim fee refunds for delayed items or consequential loss due to delay for items posted on these dates.
    Always good to have your cake and eat it which is what they are doing by not allowing a claim but keeping the price exactly the same.
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    Royal Mail needs to be closed down to end all the old Spanish practices and historical constraints. A modern new organisation trade union free then needs to be setup that demands high standards from its employees and pays accordingly.
    Here here.
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    Absolute clowns, in my opinion their strike is just a folly.
    Their average salary is 24k P/Y, these people aren't amongst the poorest In the country , just as the rail workers aren't.
    Don't be fooled by their cries of woe is me.
    They are adding insult to injury by not refunding customers on select periods.

    Ultimately these people just need to learn to manage their own money better, and stop using others greed as an excuse for their own. (edited)
    You obviously think the strikes are only about money. It’s also about changes to terms and conditions.
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    They rarely make special delivery deadlines even when not striking
    Luckily my experience seems to be very different to yours. All Special Delivery items I posted before the latest rounds of strikes got to their destinations the next day before 1pm.

    Of course, the strikes have completely ruined the postal service and I have switched to DPD Next Day courier service which is easier to drop off to and cheaper than Special Delivery.
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    RM only guaranteed letters during the strike period.
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    What a joke of a service they provide! I'm still waiting for a Xmas card posted the 10th last month!
    Not in Bristol is it?
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    Royal Mail and the Post Office are separate companies
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