Claiming Tax back, lost P45. Advice?

Found 4th Jun 2008
My brother recently sent off his P45's and a P60 to the tax office from his previous employers. A few weeks later he received a check for £1100.

Obviously I want to do the same! So I have got most of my P45's from employers last year and a P60 from my current employer, the only thing is that I was employed by two company's which I cant find the P45's for.

I contacted the first company MFC, and they were reluctant to send one saying that you only ever get one sent out, after some arguing they said they would send a copy.

The second company I worked for (Manpower), said they couldn't send an original or a copy and that I needed to fill out a P46, however P46' s are for when you start new employment.

Any one know how I can get hold of my lost P45's?
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the tax office can send you a copy
Check this out, should cover all your questions -…512

The website just says this:

Completing a P46 if you've lost your P45If you've lost your P45, you … Completing a P46 if you've lost your P45If you've lost your P45, you won't be able to get a replacement. Your new employer will give you a form P46 to complete so that HMRC can give you a code number for your new employment.

Ringing them now...

Any one else do this and get money back?
Ok, they said I need to contact the employer and ask for a "statement of earnings".

Thanks for the help.
Your last paysilp from that employer will have the total earned and total deducted. Will that not do?
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