Claiming Tax relief working from home due to Covid-19

Posted 15th JunEdited by:"samosa"
I'd appreciate the advice.

I'm was currently looking into my Tax and noticed my professional membership fees are increasing which I need to inform HMRC to adjust Tax code accordingly but whilst I'm doing this i thought i'd claim on increased energy cost and equipment I've purchased.

I'd like to claim the £6 (pre-tax) weekly allowance for working from home. Along with some other equipment which i've purchased for my work (Desk, Chair, Headset). My company are aware many of us have had to make purchases but they cannot reimburse anyone due to financial constraints caused by pandemic.

Our company is due to review return to office no earlier than September in the meantime we will continue working from home.

What I am not sure of is whether i claim since the start of lockdown until September now or submit another P87 in September for when we do return to the office?
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You can’t claim for future costs as there is no guarantee you will incur them
Am i allowed to submit multiple P87s in a tax year or should i wait?
Been discussed in a few threads before just claim when your back at work also have a look on money saving expert forum as well
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