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Found 8th Jan 2011
Has any one gone threw the whole claims process for missing or lost standard parcels?

Just put a claim in for parcel sent on 8th dec, not turned up for xmas time.

Tell me you experiences and what happens!!


Sent a claim for a missing parcel to france, and got a cheque amounting to the loss.

i sent an item worth £65 via standard post, it got lost, they refunded me £45 after showing them evidence of postage (receipt) who i sold it to (ebay msgs) original price of item (receipt) the more you evidence you have the better i think, gd luck

They told me to f ' off X).
Stuff going 'missing in the post' is much less common than you might think - it's usually one or the other party tryin' it on

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this was xmas present to family thats gone missing

My aunty sent £10 in a card by first class a few years ago (she's quite old and has been doing it for years) and it got stolen. My mom contacted the RM for her, and they refused to refund the money but instead had a selection of toys for her to choose from to give to my cousin (the recipient). She wasn't very happy but let him choose a toy which cost less than £10

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a slanket n pc game totalling 15, was to heavy for 1st and second was told standard parcels

I lost a phone I sent off in August - had the date and time I sent it and from which post office but without a reciept they told me case was closed! Last year I sent a parcel to Oz and it went missing - RM said it was fine until it reached Australia so it wasn't their problem and Australia said they never recieved it! If you have a receipt you may have a chance - but without a reciept I think its goodbye!

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i have 2 proof of my items, 1 post office receipt
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