Clam chowder in a tin or similar please

    Hello everyone

    My grandad isnt very well and im trying to think of little things i can do to help.

    My mum brought him back a can of clam chowder from san fransisco and he absolutely loved it, i was wondering if anyone knows of something similar that they sell over here that i could get him. Its a bit like a creamy fish stew.

    Thanks for your help


    lots for sale on Ebay.
    or this one £1.28 from waitrose

    Original Poster

    cheers mate, i never shop in waitrose so have never seen this. I will be making a trip to waitrose this week then

    I got some from a supermarket it was either Tesco or Asda. had to be one of those as I don't shop anywhere else.

    Could you make it yourself?Many recepies on the internet and you could freeze any leftovers for a later time.Hope he is soon feeling better.:)

    £1.20 on the Tesco website !
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