Posted 31st Oct 2016
Back in April I have been issued with 2 PCN's from Haringey council for not following the road sign; as I was in the process of moving house when I appeal for the pcn, I requested to get a reply through my new address. Since then I haven't heard anything from them but then about three weeks ago I found my car clamped. When I dialed to the phone number stuck on my wind screen; the guy explained that he is a bailiff and he works for Equita, he proceed to tell me I owe the council the fine and unless I paid for one of the PCN he wouldn't release the car. As I was on harry to pick up my children from the school and he told me I can challenge the clamping fee later I paid the fee, got my receipt and he promised me I will get the paper work through the post so I can challenge the fee.

Now t is been four weeks no paper work or anything, when I phone Equita every time they will refer me back to the bailiff, He (the bailiff) keeps promising I will get the paper ASAP. Today I told him it is been nearly four weeks and I haven't received anything he said I should pay another £500+ (which he claims to be a reduced rate) so I will be debit free and my car don't get clamped again.
My question is who can I speak to or where should I go to resolve this issue? I feel helpless the council is not helping either they said it is too late as they passed it to the bailiff; any advice and suggestion would be appreciated.
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