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Found 15th Aug 2010
i have a clan fly fishing rod, i got given it by a friend and dont anything about it or if it has any value. the rod is 10.5 foot long and has by appointment to hrh the prince of wales imprinted onto it. does anyone no anything about it Thanks

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Dear tifftefer
Clan rods are designed for Brag purposes, people who want to look the part are the main purchasers of these rods. Very few rods make it to the water’s edge, and even less catch, fish ( just look how many records are held by pros using these rods )
In fact, I was told Clan rods where given away free with the purchase of a Deerstalker Hat and a Tweed Jacket! ( Not sure how true this is ? ) If you truly want to sell this rod,(mod edit) list it in the FSale forum.
(pwilkinson75 please check the site rules)

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