hi all i wonder if any collectors or valuers in here , i have this which i know and as you will see from pics a clarice clifff toby jug ,7 inches in height 4 inches wide ,quite rare as in colour and in size , was wondering if anyone would have any idea on worth whether in or out of auction , it is insured .

    thank you


    Send the pics to your local auction room, they should be able to give you a rough evaluation.

    links don't work,,,not registered,,,

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    all links fixed now

    thanks singer

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    cheers m8 looks a lil similar except for the colours , we were offer 300 only couple weeks ago but i said no , i think a collector would pay a little bit more

    thanks singer


    try an antique site or even ..............ebay!

    would be better than asking in here


    How much is it insured for? Don't they say on antiques shows that the retail price realistically is half of that?

    Get in touch with a local auction house with a good reputation, if this is rare you want it in the catalogues on the website etc with plenty of coverage.

    Either that or get on the Flog It or Dickinson's Real Deal websites and see if they're coming near you.

    The biggest mistake people make on those shows is getting too greedy. Try and get a good price you'll be happy with, not £1000s of quid cos it probably won't happen.

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    thanks m8 it insured for 500 at this time , and im sure that is a lil over i know , i would probs accept 350 or so but i will see
    thanks for you help

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