Clarification about Retirement apartments

Hi friends,
what's the difference between letting a normal apartment and retirement apartment?
i saw in few websites, retirement apartments are available for rent. Does this have any age criteria for letting?
do you have any good articles to show the difference (legal) between normal apartments and retirement apartments


My mother bought her apartment about 3 years ago. It is a retirement apartment and to qualify to buy it you had to be 60+ years old. Another stipulation in the contract (yes, she still had to sign a contract even though she was paying £135K for the apartment) was, if my mother became unwell and one of her children wanted to stay over night, they wouldn't be allowed, but there was an apartment within the complex where they can sleep and just keep bobbing to my mothers.

The ages vary but retirement apartments are nearly always for the 50+ years old.

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that's news for me..
thanks folks.
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