Clarks Polyvelts Shoes - Who Remembers Them?


    I have been trying to find a picture of Clarks Polyvelts Shoes.

    For those of you who wore them to school 1980 onwards will remeber them as Polly's. Would like to show my daughters what a good pair of school shoes looked like.



    Lol. That takes me back. I used to have some, they looked strangely like pork pies I seem to remember.....

    They look hideous!! I'm glad I never had to wear those! Look comfy though

    Dont quite remember them ones, but I do remember the ones we used to call 'pasties' cos they looked like leather cornish pasties!

    Also remember TUKKA boots, and u werent in the in crowd, if u didnt have them................ I never had them :-(

    these shoes are evil!
    I swear they grew with you! Get a pair at the beginning of school.........leave school in the self same things!
    Use them instead of brakes on your bike - no damage.
    Leave them outside in the rain - no damage.
    A bit of polish and they were as good as new!
    I always aspired to having a black pair instead f the pooey brown,but it wasn't to be :cry:
    I did,however have a lovely pair in a t-bar sandal style handed down from 2 older cousins :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Thanks OooohMatron

    Anyone remember Monkey Boots?

    polyvelts are now called funny dream

    Hi there, I remember monkey boots! sorry I know its an old thread I was actually looking for ploy velts for my 9 year old for school. alas no more! I had a pair of funny reddish brown monkey boots with yellow stitching! ;-)

    my old english teacher used to wear them back in the 70`s,along with some horrible green nylon wincheeter jobbie.....stylish then i was dm`s for me back then!

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