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Found 26th Aug 2014
Hi has anybody been to the clarks factory shop in blackpool? Does anybody know if they sell school shoes any cheaper than the normal shop. Thinking about going but we live an hour away so dont want to drive all way there if they are same price in all the other clarks
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I don't think they do but aren't you better to call ahead
indent to the one at Cheshire oaks on Saturday and shoes were £21.99
I'll give them a ring really dont want to pay £80 for two pairs of school shoes thanks
I'll give them a ring really dont want to pay £80 for two pairs of school shoes thanks
they do normally have cheaper shoes in the factory shops, well cheaper then. the normal shops anyway
The outlet in Dewsbury does, but sizes and styles are always a bit random, so best to ring ahead.
We went to the Blackpool outlet a couple of years ago and it was rubbish, very small and prices not much cheaper than you would pay on the high street. Have you tried Bounday Mill at Colne which do lots of Clarks shoes and have a large choice.
I second trying Cheshire oaks if its drivable for you. also went on Saturday to get daughters school shoes and I think they were £19.99. but it gets quite chaotic in there so be warned
Try John Lewis or Debenhams as they sell Clarks and will include them in their sales.
yeh ive had Clarks cheap a few times at John Lewis too. Rememberyou can now buy the foot measure gauge from tthem and use website called 'cheap shoes for kids'. (Or ebay)
there is a clarks outlet were I work which stocks alot of school shoes.. the customer service is fantastic and my son was chuffed to get free loom bands for having his feet measured. I have taken both my boys there for over 3 years and never had a problem. last week cost me £35 for shoes pumps and a bag for the eldest.
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