Clash Royale - Any cheats/. hacks?

Does anyone know of any cheats/hacks for Clash Royale - my children driving me nuts and I am not buying any more gems - am nearly bankrupt Please feel free to PM me if you rather.


It's a pay to win game, can't see their being any hacks or cheats

Produced by IGG, kids better off playing Castle Clash as it's more F2P friendly and very similar, though obviously as with any game, you'll always be behind the P2P's who spend thousands of $ every month. I play Castle Clash and find it much more free playing friendly than the likes of Clash of Clans.

I know of one trick way of buying gems cheaper on all IGG games....but that's not for public storytelling ;-)
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Not familiar with Royale but with COC gems aren't required. You can still play and progress fine. I'm nearly a max TH10 and I've never paid a penny.

It's all about the boom beach!!

you dont need to pay to win in clash royale, it just speeds you up if you do pay

i have a free account and a paying one, and you can play the game without paying if your patient enough and are in a good enough clan that shares

Ive just dumped COC im on TH11 and got fed up when they did overhaul a second time to make money. Clash Royale is the same pay to increase you win chances. I would forget them both..I lost 3.5 years on COC

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