Class 100 gloves (instore preferably)

I'm going to take a chance on trying to repair a hdd with a head stack swap tomorrow but I don't have any lint/residue free gloves. Does anyone know where I can get these? I have poked around online but only found bulk packs of 100 and such but also I want to give the swap a go tomorrow and thus don't want to wait a week for shipping.

So question is does anyone know somewhere that sells these in individual quantities? Hair net would be good too I'll be in London so I guess it would have to be somewhere in London.


p.s. if anybody has tips on swapping the head stack please let me know also! I think I have the process down pat and have practiced on an older drive but any help is appreciated


I'v seen these being offered on the Overclockers forum in their Freecycle section if that's any help - members just need to cover postage/paypal costs and get sent whatever they ask for. Handy for small things.
Can't think of anywhere that'll do them instore (certainly none of the national chains seem to do them individually other than Refresh Computers AFAIK).

Maybe you could blag a pair from your local pcworld or computer repair shop.If you normally have to purchase them in boxes of 100 they could possibly spare a pair,lay on the full charm offensive.........and if all else fails.........beg:-D

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Thanks seancampbell - very useful. I'm not a member on ocuk though so would feel a little slimey signing up just to blag some free gloves from someone! I checked Refresh computers online but didn't see any gloves on there?

muckypup - Thanks but not sure if I'd ever be willing to beg from PC World ha! They probably don't use them anyway hehe
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