Classic from the antiques roadshow!

    In the series they are currently filming,a chap comes in with a piece of glassware he paid a dealer 1000 quid for and is told its an olive oil bottle from tesco with the label steamed off!

    Bbc have taken the decision not to show it to save him the embarrasement(shame)

    Reminds me of a joke:

    "Ive had a rummage in the loft and I found this-can you tell me what it is?"

    dealer:"yes,its a water tank"



    how'd you know?


    i watched a programme ages ago think it was car booty or summit and a couple bought a teapot for about £3 i think and it was worth loads cant remeber how much thou but it was a lot


    loool how'd you know?


    Read this in the daily mirror yesterday :shock::giggle:Poor man
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