Classic Mis-type on BBC News subtitles

    I was watching the news with subtitles on and happened to notice Darren Gough (cricketer) come on screen - as I think he's rather yummy I paid attention to what was being said. Apparently
    Vincent Van Gogh is retiring! He is 37 and started his career in 1959.

    Absolute Classic!




    What am I missing?

    Vincent Van Gogh isnt retiring - He is Essexs top all rounder averaging 52.3 all season with bat whilst pitching in with important wickets - All this with one ear - Awesome

    Original Poster

    His name is Darren Gough - Vincent Van Gogh was a painter, He is 37, Van gogh is dead, He didnt start his career in 1959 - probably nearer 1989, and I'm guessing he is actually retiring
    He's a yorkshire, essex and ex england cricketer. He won Strictly Come Dancing a couple of years back.
    I think the person typing the sub titles must have been hard of hearing
    It was funny when I read it - lost a bit in translation obviously. Helps if you know who he is. the subtitler cant have done - how many mistakes can you get in one story
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