Classic phones

    Im after a new mobile but not after any of the new stuff. Iphones etc.

    Im after a classic such as the Nokia 8910/8910i.
    Can anyone recommend me any similar phones.

    Doesn't have to be a nokia btw.




    get a bt cellnet phone :-D

    good on you for not following the sheep with the iphone

    Get hold of a Sony CMD-Z5 Mobile phone, awesome little thing this was in its day, and it has more modern features than one would expect for the year .. :thumbsup:

    I still have a 6310i in a drawer as a backup, you know you're retro when your screen has no colours, and the hit game at the time was snake.. lol.

    Get a nokia 2010

    or a 2110

    or the chunky Motorola 7500
    Now they are what I call classics, and you can buy them all on that well known auction site at the moment

    i loved my nokia 8210

    I had a Nokia NK402, I was on Orange at the time

    I still have my W810 the sound quality on it is far superior to an iphone, hence why it is my 'calls' phone, plus it bounces off the floor well and survives
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