Classical music on Burnout paradise city PS3!

    Hi all
    Yesterday when I was playing Burnout paradise city I left my controller for a while & carried on playing with classical music which believe it or not went really well with the game. I continued to play for a couple of hours with it playing.
    Today when I leave the controller the screensaver comes into action plays classical music but when hitting any button returns to the normal playlist.
    Anyone know how to get classical on permanatley?


    Can't help but are you OK?

    Original Poster


    Can't help but are you OK?

    Sarcasm on HUKD, Who would of thought that:whistling:. What's wrong with classical, I'm really not enjoying Avril lavigne while playing the game.

    Nothing wrong with classical but doesn't suit the game to me, anything's better than that DJ Atomica though!

    If you download all the free content updates for the game, you then can turn on the classical tracks in the music menu...

    Original Poster

    Thanks for all your replies, I realise I can get that on the option menu after making further enquries. Reminds me of Clockwork Orange when their driving that sports car!

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