cleaning company...names!!

    ok... so i am thinking of setting up a cleaning company.... can i have some fabulous mint names please!!


    industrial or home or both ?

    dirty harry -

    while i had young kids i spent a lot of my working life as a be honest the name of a company means zilch...if you want something quirky begin it with the letter C..most people will search for have to push the price and reliabilty of your staff

    Dirty Scrubbers


    You have to be careful. When you have an idea of a name, consult the Business Names Act 1963.

    Spit and Polish??

    Squeaky clean.

    Keepit Kleen, gives nice options for logos as well with the two K's

    Indirectly theres a builder near us called Bodge & Scarper, incidently very good company.
    As far as cleaning companies go I'd opt for something like..... Captain Clean or Clean Bees

    i got one - we clean everywhere

    sheik me chamois -


    sheik me chamois -

    like it holly :thumbsup:

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    dirty harry -

    thats mint... my dad is a clint fan!

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    industrial or home or both ?

    probably homes to start with

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    Do you want your name in the name?

    my name is terri... i dont think there is much to be worked with!

    Terrific Cleaners

    Feeling Dirty ? Let Terri blow those cobwebs away...........

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    Terrific CleanersFeeling Dirty ? Let Terri blow those cobwebs … Terrific CleanersFeeling Dirty ? Let Terri blow those cobwebs away...........

    Cleaning Company

    nice and original

    These came to mind

    Mop Top Lady
    Miss WissyWashy
    Sweepy Clean
    Partner in Grime
    Clean Sweep
    Bride And Broom
    No Dust R us


    Bubble and Squeak
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