Cleaning goldfish

    Help i have 3 goldfish in a large fish bowl, no filter etc, how often should they be cleaned out thanx



    when you cant see them


    when you cant see them

    I was just about to write that!

    I personally think cleaning makes matters worse sometimes. Regular partial water changes are better than all out cleaning IMO.

    I clean mine out once every 2 weeks.

    Sometime though it gets really dirty after 1 week, just depends how much they poo and how much u give them to eat

    partial cleaning once a week-remember the water treatment tho!

    Attach a cotton bud with a bit of wire to the fish, then as it swims round it can also clean the tank.

    Or, more sensible option, as others said, partial cleaning, treat water and make sure you don't scoop up the fish as you take the water out.
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