Cleaning inside of halogen cooker lid

Posted 4th Jan 2016
Hello. Just bought a halogen cooker. Everything is fine but does anyone have any tips on how to clean the metal inside the lid? I mean the grill type bit that gets the fat splash back. I know you've gotta be careful as the halogen bulb is near it. Thanks for your help!

This is a link to the sort of thing I mean…jpg
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I use "Astonish Oven and Cookware Cleaner" normally get it in B&M/Home Bargains.

Amazon link to show what it looks like.…7PI

Just to add also used another one before though none left and can't remember its name but it was bright orange and looked similar to the Astonish also from B&M or Homebargains.
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Is normally only held in by 3 screws so undo them and stick it in the dishwasher
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