Cleaning laminate flooring - advice please!

Found 5th Jan 2008
I've just moved into a new flat that has laminate floors throughout - looks good but I'm just not sure about the best way to keep it clean. So advice please! I've seen some dusting mop things which look like they might do a good job. Should I hoover the floors also?

Any hints and tips would be appreciated. I'm lazy so the most painfree options would be great!
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My flat has laminate floors everywhere except the bedrooms and you really do have to sweep up regularly as fluff and stuff is so visible on them. What I do is brush the floors with a normal brush and when they need cleaning (i.e. I've spilled something on them and not got it at the time) I use a Vileda-type mop and the 'spray 'n' mop' stuff. It's diluted to the right level just to spray on and then mop the floor then it dries naturally. I never hoover the floors as it's easier to brush it, although it's all personal preference I suppose.

Happy housekeeping! ;o)

I'm lazy so the most painfree options would be great

and me so I get the wife to do it.:whistling:
I have laminate floor throughout my house. It is a god send. I hoover it as you do get dust balls and then once a week I use Mr Sheen laminate floor cleaner and try not to get it too wet.. If I havent got any of that then I use the direct floor cleaners that you can buy.
Never ever try to put any wood polish on it. Once the shiny surface has gone it will need replacing. I found this out to my cost.
Ohter than that it is the best thing since sliced bread!!!
Plse do not use abrasive cleaners - and not 2 much water.
and switch off the beater bar on your vaccum cleaner to limit damage.
My entrance hall is laminate, but only about 3ft x 3ft and I just get down on hands and knees with the baby wipes, works at treat :thumbsup:
Use non brewed condiment (same aisle as vinegar in the supermarket)
1/3 rd of a bottle in half a bucket of cold water with 2 or 3 drops(only not a splash) of washing up liquid, too much makes your floor slippery, get an old hand towel immerse it in the bucket and wring until its damp but not wet, fold into six about face cloth size and the wipe floor for a 2 square meters depending on how dirty your floor is. Turn the towel onto a fresh side and begin again this is usually enough for 1 whole room. Rinse the towel clean in the sink and you still have enough solution for other rooms. The non brewed condiment has cleansing properties its really white vinegar but without the chip shop smell. This works a treat and 1 bottle is about 60p.

Hope you'll find this useful:roll:
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